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Value and Quality

So what exactly makes our coconut sugar different. Well, for one, we care and we are careful. We personally inspect every aspect of the coconut sugar process from the trees to the shelf. 

We don't blindly order and import or assign someone, we actually physically are present for each step. That means we make sure that trees are healthy, happy and meet our highest standards. Our trees are cared for with loving care, every single day. We make sure that the sap or toddy is captured and handled properly and after that we make sure that the rest of the production process is conducted with high standards, beyond what the governments require or suggest.

We dry our coconut sugar under the great golden rays of the sun, which actually adds vitamins, in the clean air of the tropics, hundreds of miles from any major city, near a fresh warm ocean breeze. This is more time consuming and laborious.We don't use mechanical means in some stainless steel container inside a building. We capture the true essence of a tropical island in the flavor of our coconut sugar and you can taste the difference.

We use the best, state of the art packaging at all stages of the packaging. Across the ocean we use a thick three layer packaging with a thin foil inner liner to make sure the coconut sugar is kept as fresh as possible as long as possible. The end product is packed in a thick totally recyclable pouch which has a kraft paper exterior for a natural look and has two more layers one of which again is aluminum foil to protect against moisture. The window allows just enough visibility to view the product contents well yet not too much to expose the coconut sugar to harmful UV light. The pouch is topped with a resealable ziplock.

These are just some of the reasons why Tropical Sweet coconut sugar is 
The Finest
in the World!