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These Pages will have information about our coconut sugar, coconut palm sugar and coconut sap all encompassing. We will discuss the differences in coconut sugar.

       Be your own judge. Now available in the USA for the first time.   The Finest, purest and most natural coconut sugar in the world.  Don't take our word for it. Make a professional comparison on your own. 


Well,  now that coconut sugar is in the know, the race is on! The race to provide the market the least expensive product at any cost, make it look good at the same time and sell as much of it as possible. A familiar tune.

My late mother really enjoyed shopping. When I went with her she would frequently say "you get what you pay for". In other words if you want a better quality item you have to expect to pay more for it or another way of putting it, if it's cheap then it's cheap. Some unscrupulous organizations however, take it a step further and try to make something that's cheap, expensive, so one has to be vigilant upon the path.

That is of course just as true today as has ever been......since before the Egyptians cut the stones for their temples, before the Viking's choice of better bronze for stronger shields, before Genghis Khan's selection of the best horses , before the Greeks picked the best olives for their oil  and it is just as true with Tropical Sweet's selection of coconut sugar.

We at Tropical Sweet use our own products everyday. Because we care about you and ourselves it makes sense that we make it sure that we have the best product. We have traveled the world researching coconut sugar and now have a limited quantity available of the Finest in the World coconut sugar.

How? What? Where? Why?  
Please refer to the Differential and Valuation links under the Formulation link for further information.