Light organic coconut sugar. It has a lighter taste good for a touch of sweetening. Useful just as any other sugar, including baking. Perfect in plain yogurt and for sweetening different fruits. Light in taste only not calories.
Bolder organic coconut sugar. It has a bolder taste and seemingly sweeter. It is full of flavor, excellent for coffee as well as baking. Perfect for those of us who like the sweeter things in life. Can be considered as a darker roast.
Gold Nuggets organic coconut sugar. These are our own invention, for better or worse. They are only useful as a candy replacement, use them instead of candy, in your candy dish for when you have a sweet tooth or mix with nuts, they are similar to "rock candy" of days of old but they are not as hard. Try one or two as a replacement for your after dinner mint. Full of flavor, delicious, melt in your mouth, but do not dissolve well otherwise. Awesome trail mix energy.

Packets containing One Half Pound of organic coconut sugar. Each pouch contains approximately 50 packets, each packet is about one and a half teaspoons. Currently they are only available with the organic light flavor.The actual quantity of sugar is half a pound, the weight of the paper of the packets and pouch are not included therefore the count of the packets will vary between 48 and 52. They are very laborious and time consuming to produce and that's why they are expensive. 

    The Finest
        in the World!
All Tropical Sweet products are:

-Natural and Organic
-Non- GMO
-Non- Gluten
-No Additives
-No Preservatives
-100% Pure Coconut Sugar

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